Fitness Amenity Services and Management

For the past decade, Gym Studios have become experts in building community through a customized onsite fitness experience. We design, equip, and manage the fitness amenity for multi-family living, hotels, corporate, and commercial projects. Post-build, we provide a full management package that includes fitness classes, unlimited personal training, events, and gym oversight.


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Layout Design and Consulting

Equipment Installation

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Group Fitness Classes

Personal Training

Fitness Concierge Service

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Local Outreach and Service

Corporate Wellness Programs

Hire Gym Studios to design, equip, and manage your fitness amenities. Choose our full solution or pick from our menu.

We are a fitness amenity management, services, and design company based in Austin, Texas. We help management apartment life, including events and development, for apartments in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas, as well as Tempe, Arizona.

Our business model was created in the context of work and live environments. From bootcamps and brunches, to pool parties and talent shows, we do it all. Resident renewals require a strong and close community and employee retention needs a healthy culture. Let us transform your gym into community-wide. culture-enriched engagement by taking your events to the next level.  

Being an apartment developer requires intelligent oversight in many areas. The fitness amenity needs to be focused as one of the most valuable assets as it is one of the top 2 amenities people shop for in work and live environments. Let us take your fitness planning off your hands and give it the attention and creativity that it requires. Successful amenities are not after thoughts.