Personal Training in Austin, Dallas, Tempe, and Online

At the end of the day, personal training is a relationship. Just like any relationship, it takes both parties to invest, communicate, and commit for the partnership to be successful.

Our trainers are fitness professionals, life coaches, and nutrition guides. You can expect 100% guidance in reaching your fitness goals, however, whether you meet with your trainer one or 5 times per week, the lifestyle changes we recommend are of most importance.

Our Personal Training Services:

Our virtual individual personal training allows for training anytime, anywhere.

Online Training

Online Personal Training is training without limits. Save money and train anytime, anywhere, using technology to deliver individualized exercise and nutrition programming, coaching, and support.

Get personal training services from our Texas and Arizona personal trainers.

Personal Training

Train one on one with some of the best coaches in your city! Personal Training can take you to places you never thought you could go, and get you results you never thought you could get. Find your coach today.

We offer group personal training sessions in Texas and Arizona.

Group Training

Need a little more comradery to get you through your workouts? Our small group training will pair you with others who are working towards the same goals as you, with custom programming and workouts.

We offer nutrition coaching in Texas and Arizona.

Nutrition Coaching

While most of our trainers include nutrition coaching with other training services, sometimes you need more targeted help with nutrition. Get help losing fat, gaining muscle, getting healthy, and building healthy habits!

Our Personal Trainers

Learn more about our personal training and personal trainers in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas and Tempe, Arizona.

our process

Step 1: Free Fitness Consultation

This is the beginning of your journey. We sit down and get to know you and your specific desires for your fitness goals. Then, we take you through a movement evaluation so we can observe your body mechanics and address any overactive and underactive musculature. From this point we can begin to structure the correct program for your individual needs and goals. If you'd like to do small group training, you can bring on 2-4 other people, or request a group to join. Goals must be similar.

Step 2: Begin Training

Your progress will be measured for accountability purposes. You will keep track of your workouts and food with our recommended technology or a journal that you bring to your workouts.

Learn more about our process for new personal training clients.


1st Month or 30-Day Challenge

This is the beginning and most important part of your journey. It’s important to set the pace of your race and start strong. Your challenge will consist of a balanced Nutrition, Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular, and Psychological focus.

  • You will be expected to workout anywhere from 3-6 days/week depending on your fitness goals. We will help you track the intensity of your workouts via calories burned and strength gains.

  • Your nutrition will take a strict and very clean turn. No fried foods, no sugar, and a higher protein/balanced carbohydrate/fat balanced way of eating. It’s pure, clean, and simple.

  • Expect a lot of “internal changes”. This is where you have more energy, more confidence, better sleep, and hormonal balance.

2nd Month or 60-Day Challenge

This is where you have more options in what you eat, but by this time, healthier habits are leading your decision making.

  • You will be stepping up the intensity of your workout program to avoid plateau.

  • Expect a lot of “external changes”. This is where clothes fit better, muscle tone, weight loss, and observational cosmetic change.

3rd Month or 90-Day Challenge

This is where you will begin to see the new you. After 3 months, most clients know where they are going. From here, you plan 9 more months of a healthy lifestyle change. The 1 year mark is when you see your new you, but the 3rd month is a great foreshadow of what you will become.

  • Your workouts will continue to change and your intensity is on a whole other level. You are an athlete.

  • Expect success if you stick to it this far!