Losing in the Apartment Industry

Why am I writing this blog post? I think what inspired me most was that I wanted to give real insight to what is really going on behind the scenes as I run my business on a daily basis. Social media is great at showing the victories and sometimes those wins inspire people in great ways. However, you don’t see a lot about the losses and the hardships. Sometimes I feel that bragging about success does more damage than inspiration. I’m a fan of leading by vulnerability. I believe by doing this, it takes win or loss outside my control and shows the big picture of life. Hopefully this post gives you a glimpse of that.

The secret problems that started my company

In 2010, I had a client in a little spot called the Domain. The Domain at the time was pretty small, but today it’s known as the 2nd heart of Austin, TX with over 100 up-scale retail spots/restaurants and a foot-print of 300 acres. For a 26-year-old, being a personal trainer in a luxury apartment felt pretty awesome and prestigious, but there were a couple things very wrong with this scene.