Training Without Limits

Virtual Individualized Personal Training is fitness without limits. Save money and train anytime, anywhere, using technology to deliver individualized exercise and nutrition programming, coaching, and support straight from our expert personal trainers.

Our VIP program is designed by our expert coaches.

Program Design

Our expert coaches create, tweak, and guide you through your custom program.

Our coaches hold you accountable to help keep you motivated.

Coaching & Support

Be motivated and held accountable to your fitness and nutrition goals.

Our training app allows you to do your workouts whenever and wherever you want.

No Schedule Limits

With our training app, you can do your workouts when and where you want.

Save money with VIP training.

Save Money

VIP Training is a fraction of the cost of Personal Training, and is just as powerful.

How It Works

Set Up

  1. Consultation: We discuss your goals, obstacles, and needs in detail. This will help us create your custom program.

  2. Set Up Training App: Then we walk you through setting up your Training App, which will be your tool for success.


  1. Start Custom Program: Your coach creates a program based off of your goals and needs. This includes workouts, nutrition, and even behaviors.

  2. Track Progress: As you follow your program, you’ll track progress with your training app.

  3. Check Form: In order to ensure safety and results, you’ll send videos to your coach so they can give you corrective feedback on your form.

  4. Check Ins: You’ll be checking in with your trainer regularly to discuss your program and your changing needs.


  1. Outcome Based Program Updates: Based off of the results you are getting and your check ins, your coach updates your program to ensure continued results.

  2. Repeat: This cycle of training, support, and updates will repeat until you have reached your goal!


Still not sure if it’s right for you?

We get it. Training online with a coach is a relatively new thing. How could it get the same results as personal training for a fraction of the cost? Simple: the limits of personal training are removed.

Schedule: Scheduling is one of the biggest drawbacks to personal training, and why it’s so expensive. With an in person trainer, you have to work around their schedule, and they have to work your program around when you can train. Because you’re paying for their time, you may not be able to train as often as you need, or get the most optimal program. With online training, you can get a program that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it, with no worry about your trainers schedule.

Location: Because your program is delivered online, you can now train with a coach anywhere in the world. VIP Training is perfect for those who travel, or those who want to work with a coach who doesn’t live near them. It’s also perfect for those who just don’t want to make the drive to the gym and work out at home.

Coaching and Support: With an in person trainer, you’ll often only get support during your sessions. With VIP Training, you can get support when you need it. Ask fitness questions, get your form checked, and get motivated by your coach at any time.

Programming: While there are many cookie cutter routines online, what sets VIP Training apart is this: Our coaches stick with you during the program and tweak it based on the results you are getting. Other cookie cutter routines may be good, but they don’t change and adapt with you. Our coaches are 100% committed to getting you results.

Tracking: Because your program is delivered online, everything is tracked. You’ll see graphs and stats of how you are progressing, and these same stats will help your trainer tweak your program to ensure constant success. With in person training, this is not guaranteed.

Price: Because in person training is based on time, it can be expensive. Ranging from $35 - $120 or more per session, it can be prohibitively expensive to get the coaching you need. Currently (in Austin), a full time independent trainer needs to charge at bare minimum $61.88 per session in order to make a comfortable living. If you only train 3 times per week, that’s nearly $750 / month. VIP Training is only $150 every 2 weeks, with several payment options available.